Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday open mat brought 2 world champions to my gym - Emily Kwok and Valerie Worthington.

I was really happy to be able to do 2 10-minute rounds with each of them, no-gi, as Emily and I are both getting ready for the no-gi Pan Ams in NY in 2 weekends (Oct 3rd and 4th). Both are always fun to roll with, and they both open up and move a lot without being careless at all.

I also got to roll briefly with Paul (fun) and Ben (tough!), along with my students, including Dax and Chrissy. I may have had a few more 10-minute rounds in there I'm omitting, but overall it was a very productive day of training.

Monday night saw a new student sign up at Revolution. Awesome. The new location should start paying big dividends soon with the student base. Kimura month continues...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Richmond BJJ's noon class was fun: intro to the Kimura. I covered closed guard stuff exclusively, just working the basics. This is probably going to be my favorite topic to cover for the month of September, right before I compete in the no-gi Pan Ams in NY. Gary Nimmo and new blue belt Mark Maddux trained together, and the rest were relatively new white belts.

Trey has a neck injury, so I taught the evening no-gi class at Five Points.

Back to Richmond BJJ to catch the tail end of advanced gi class, and then to roll with Burdo a couple rounds (he's getting ready for IBJJF's American Nationals, where BJJ Revolution Team holds four consecutive team titles). I rolled a while with Jarrett Church, who is returning rapidly to old form (the baddest dude in the universe). It was a slightly more painful version of the technical rolls we've been having. Great to have him back.