Thursday, September 3, 2009


Richmond BJJ's noon class was fun: intro to the Kimura. I covered closed guard stuff exclusively, just working the basics. This is probably going to be my favorite topic to cover for the month of September, right before I compete in the no-gi Pan Ams in NY. Gary Nimmo and new blue belt Mark Maddux trained together, and the rest were relatively new white belts.

Trey has a neck injury, so I taught the evening no-gi class at Five Points.

Back to Richmond BJJ to catch the tail end of advanced gi class, and then to roll with Burdo a couple rounds (he's getting ready for IBJJF's American Nationals, where BJJ Revolution Team holds four consecutive team titles). I rolled a while with Jarrett Church, who is returning rapidly to old form (the baddest dude in the universe). It was a slightly more painful version of the technical rolls we've been having. Great to have him back.

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