Saturday, July 11, 2009

Muay Thai/BJJ - Friday

Friday night's Muay Thai class focused on boxing. Scott showed a couple relatively basic combinations, and then we did some light sparring (boxing only) at the end. Mitchell signed up (15 year old), so that's always a good thing for a new, growing program.

BJJ was a pretty small class, so we rolled for 9-minute rounds to warm up (several students are getting ready for Submission-Only 4 here in Richmond). I sincerely hope Big Mark follows through and destroys all the other over 220 pound blue belts and then murders the absolute division. If he doesn't, it's probably because he decided last minute not to compete. Bjorn will do well at 139 white belt and beginner no-gi. Maltby should do well too, at around 145 pounds. They're making good sparring partners, now that Maltby has reduced his elbows and knees to once per round.

Between the three Richmond gyms plus Charlottesville, our presence is going to be strong at this tournament. I hope the majority of folks who say they're competing end up doing it. U.S. Grappling will break out our new mats for this one! Can't wait.

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