Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back training in RVA

Tuesday- Richmond BJJ - no-gi. I was glad to get back to training. Burdo showed a basic arm drag to the Russian and a couple back attacks. I rolled for about half an hour after class, maybe 45 minutes. It was really good to be back out there training.

Wednesday - Revolution BJJ. Rolled a few times with Gordon (owner, Charlottesville BJJ) and Tommy, who seems motivated once again. All told, there were about 8 students for the afternoon session, so it was pretty light and an excellent workout once again. Muay Thai was pretty uneventful- relatively intense workout. No-gi at 7 PM - no Vince (his daughter graduated from high school). I showed a low single and the logsplitter guard break. Rolled until about 10 PM.

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