Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rodrigo Medeiros

BJJ Revolution Team co-founder Rodrigo Medeiros, 4X black belt Pan Ams champion and Carlson Gracie black belt since 1996, came to Richmond BJJ to conduct a seminar. This was maybe my 20th time training with Rodrigo, and his fourth or fifth seminar in Richmond.

Rodrigo's seminar broke down into three simple parts: opening and passing the closed guard, side control lapel chokes, and half guard on the bottom ("rocking chair" position). Rodrigo's seminar was perfect for me - nothing was brand new except a few details of the positions, so I retained all the information well and I'll be able to bring at least a good portion to my students.

Arthur Ruff, one of Rodrigo's older black belts, was there to assist. Arthur lives in Ohio now, but he started a gym in Arizona called the "Ruff House" (get it?) a few years ago that's still running.

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