Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday before the Worlds

Day class - small turnout since many of the hardcore Wednesday day crew are already in or on their way to L.A. for the worlds, including Tommy, Devin, Snake, Ryan, and Seph, among other semi-regulars. I got to roll with Gordon several times, and to give him a little advice here and there. Gordon is very talented, but I can still help him with a lot of conceptual stuff. Acie is another monster purple belt who is always fun to roll with, and Acie and I had a good round or two. I think there were seven students total for this class, probably the lightest turnout all year so far.

Muay Thai - eating/stuffing the hook to throwing a knee. I love this stuff. Not great at not flaring my elbow out, but I'm getting better.

No-gi - low single takedown and opening with the logsplitter. I had my ear drained earlier (thanks, Antoni!) so I didn't roll at night.

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