Friday, May 29, 2009

MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ - Friday

Dave "Loco Pony" Charbonneau (sp?) and Scott Eckert are getting ready for their MMA figths in a few weeks, so we did some light MMA sparring. I like this stuff. I'm not great at the clinching, but I'm starting to time catching kicks and stuff like that. The ground stuff is really good because it "keeps you honest," so to speak.

Muay Thai - absorbing the kick and going into a combination of your own. I've got to stop dropping my hands when throwing a lead hook, but otherwise, I think I got the combo pretty well.

BJJ - light class. Cool. Rolled to warm up, several rounds. Tommy competes in a week, so I'm pleased to report that he feels as ready as ever to rip seven guys apart on the way to a gold medal in LA. Kevin Santi, an old friend, stopped in to train as well. Glenn and Big Jus partnered for technique, and I got to roll three or four times with everyone there.

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