Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gi, Muay Thai, No-gi

1:30 PM: gi training. Structured six minute rounds with Ryan Hall, Seph Smith, Brendan Raedy, Acie, Parker, Devin, Liz, Jen Flannery, Lo, Jose, and others. Great training again. I showed an attack from side control after 2 hours of rolling.

Muay Thai: knees! Yes! I love the clinch/plumb position. It makes a lot of sense to me as a grappler to control the guy's head and throw knees easily. Cornell didn't kill us with the endurance round today, and I'm not complaining.

No-gi: Vince was late. Weird! I had everyone warm up with the usual half-guard drills, then showed some more deep "floating" half guard stuff (2 entries and 2 basic sweeps), and then watched everyone spar with it. It's pretty impressive to see how easily the sweeps come once the position is acheived. I rolled with Big Jus, Lenny, Brian Maltby, maybe one or two others (or maybe not), and Vince (10 minute superfight death round). Vince is really, really hard to submit with upper body stuff. I worked Kimura grip stuff to death, but he Houdinied out of it again and again. Vince = awesome.

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