Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Justin = blue belt

Monday night's classes held a private lesson with Lo followed by BJJ Basics at 6 PM (reverse kesa gatame to mount). Monday's 7 PM gi class followed up with deep "floating" half guard stuff. Most students got it by the end of class; some will get it later.

I gave Justin "Big Jus" Kornfeld his blue belt tonight. In case you don't already know Justin, if you ever train at my gym or come to U.S. Grappling tournaments consistently, you will soon. Justin is always there, training consistently, competing, and helping out wherever we ask him to at our tournament. He's not the most gifted athletically by any means, but through consistency and hard work, I've watched Justin turn into someone I'm now proud to call a blue belt. This is only the fourth blue belt I've given out, so it's kind of a big deal for me. I hold my students to a high standard for promotion.

Justin tapped his 3 guys with the same submission from the same setup on Saturday. This was the perfect time for his promotion, and I'm sure he'll remember it.

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