Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday - Richmond BJJ and a trip to Yamasaki RVA

Tuesday was another good training day. Eric Burdo's fundamentals class at 4 PM focused on attacking and defending from the back. I picked up a very minor (yet not so minor) detail about back defense, and got to train with Eric a few times, and with Fahs (tough blue belt), Acie (purple belt beast), and a few other students.

From there, I headed across town to Mechanicsville Martial Arts, a gym run by my friends Mike Crawford and Klint Radwani, who have both been coming to my gym to train lately. I decided to return the favor, and got to spend nearly 3 hours rolling with the guys over there, including Crawford (fun roll), Dan "Hooligan" Staats (very tall purple belt who is getting very technical), Matt "McDoublejoint" Fuller, Tyler (blue belt teen), Josh (beast wrestler and new blue belt), and Keith Parknow (purple belt, Senior 1 Pan Ams champ at Pena).

I finished my day a little sore and tired, but not too tired to watch an hour of jiu jitsu on youtube and google video.

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