Friday, April 24, 2009

Leglocks at night, jiu jitsu by day

During the noon class at Richmond BJJ, I expanded on last week's butterfly half guard theme. It's interesting to teach once a week at Eric's gym because I have to consolidate a week's worth of theme into one day there. Typically, I stick with very basic stuff, but this time got to be a little more advanced since I went over the very basic stuff (guard recovery and a very simple sweep) last week.

I rolled with Chris Ferguson, Parker, and Dax. Ferguson is getting more aggressive, which is good for him. He's technical, but lets people push him around a little much when rolling. Parker is still in competition mode, fresh off his 3rd place finish at the Pan Ams (I refuse to stop calling it that). It's good to roll with him nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. Dax is really strong. Once he calms down a little (white belt), he'll be fine.

During the afternoon and early evening, I got the truck to load the mats, then met up with Big Jus, Bryan, and Aaric to load the mats up. The excitement of the readers of this blog must be hard to contain. I am, of course, looking forward to running our third Submission-Only torunament on Saturday. I just wish we had magic mats that transported themselves to the venue and set themselves up.

At 9 PM, I gave a private lesson to Alaina Hardie, who wanted to work on her leglocks a bit. Alaina has had some success in competition using 10th Planet techniques like rubber guard and half-guard lockdown, so I hope that the lesson helped round out her game.

Here's a video of some of Alaina's matches (before my private lesson, so they're only going to be so good):

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