Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Richmond BJJ stuff (gi and no-gi)

I rolled at Richmond BJJ's noon class (Burdo was nice enough to let me roll, as I was out running errands). I trained twice with Eric, once with Dax, and once with Acie. I went over a little positional stuff with Eric (top secret ninja techniques I've been working on) after rolling.

I came back in time for the no-gi class at 7 PM (no more afternoon classes... boo... but this is a really good thing for Eric since he was doing way too many classes per week, something like 20). Eric went over a closed guard high bite attack for an armlock (nice details), and then a sweep when the guy defended the armlock (belly down finish and then grip breaks). I rolled with Jared Aune, super nice and tough blue belt, Scott Eckert, Liz, and a few others at the end of class. Nice light workout for today (tough training tomorrow). I also worked with Liz a little on an attack from the mount I picked up from Rob Kahn, who has a big head and who is good at jiu jitsu.

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