Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open mat at Fifty/50

On the way back (kinda) from Winchester, we stopped by Arlington to train at Fifty/50. The women had an open mat at noon, and dudes were welcome after 1:30 PM. I got there around 1:45 and rolled a bunch with Ryan Hall and David Jacobs. Training with Rock was a ton of fun, and I haven't rolled with him for a couple years. We're both very relaxed when training nowadays, but both working on various things while training, so the result is just like I wish it was nearly all the time - like a lab.

I also got to roll with Hobbit for the first time. He's really short. He apologized for rolling crappily afterward, and had to leave early. I hope the little bit of advice I gave him helped out. I like Hobbit.

I rolled with Arial and Eoin as well, both blue belts with Yamasaki, and Jennie "Tigers," a brown belt under Gustavo Machado whom I've known for about six years now. We had some fun training, and I tried to help Jennie out with some simple but practical advice.

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