Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday at Revolution BJJ

Private lesson w/Lo at 4:30, then basics class at 6 PM. Closed guard when your opponent stands up. Great drilling from the students the whole class. For whatever reason, the vibe was dilligent.

Group class was solid. Big Mark is back after jacking his shoulder a couple weeks ago (I threw him after putting a third stripe on his blue belt, no joke). It's great having him back in the class because he presents a formidable challenge to everyone he rolls with, including me. Tommy, Devin, Lo, Big Jus, Antoni, Jason, Gabe and Bruno (the kids), and a handful of others trained, along with (of course) Vince. Oh, Greg Hoder is back (my third blue belt).

Lots of the students are getting ready for this weekend's Submission-Only tournament in Winchester.

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