Saturday, May 23, 2009

Abmar Barbosa

Thursday day class at Richmond BJJ was packed (for a day class, anyway). I covered basic cross chokes from the guard and an armlock, and had everyone spar situationally. After class, I rolled with the usual crew, plus Curt, who is sticking around at the end of classes every time. He'll be good if his level of dedication remains. Parker and Dax were as game as ever.

Thursday night brought Abmar Barbosa, multiple time Brasiliero champion, 2007 Pan Am brown belt absolute champion, and now one of the up and coming world class black belts. Abmar's instructor and team is 2007 ADCC absolute champion Robert Drysdale.

Abmar showed some really cool stuff at his seminar at Yamasaki RVA. Afterward, there was a review of the techniques where we drilled them all. I rolled with Abmar for ten minutes (always humbling), where he pretty much played with me the whole time and worked on some things.

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