Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday competition prep, and other stuff

Wednesday's 2 PM class (actually gets started around 1:30 PM) was once again a great workout. I may consider changing the name of the class to "competition training" or "advanced gi class." It's not an easy class, and I love the way the flow works - there's no resting between rounds except to find another partner. Water breaks are assigned every five rounds or so, so students learn to pace themselves.

Gordon Emery came down from Charlottesville again and brought Nick (Sponge). It's really great to train with Gordon and see his progress. I was able to give him a couple tips on improving 2 or 3 specific situations, and he was able to press the pace and beat me up a little. Parker and Tommy got to train with Gordon as well, which is really important for them. Gordon's their size, and they compete next weekend. They're looking good. Snake is continuing to work on smashing from the top and staying there. He's starting to figure it out.

Klint from Mechanicsville Martial Arts came in again. Klint continues to be one of my best training partners. We can flow quite a bit when we're rolling without turning it up much, but both of us figures things out and gets a lot out of the roll. MikeByrd came with. All told, there were probably 20 people on the mats again.

I ran the Muay Thai class as a cardio intensive workout since Cornell is recovering from an eye injury (he'll be back training tomorrow, but needs to sit tight for a couple days). I don't mind doing this from time to time as long as the classes are small (not a problem this time).

No-gi: surprisingly small class for a Wednesday night. Vince and I had a 20 minute round at the end, and I rolled with Parker, Justin, and Jason (who's back from being tied up by work and/or other various excuses). Arm-in guillotine and the Sao Paulo pass.

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