Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday's tournament - Copa NoVA

We (U.S. Grappling) handled bracketing for the Copa NoVA, a local tournament in northern Virginia. The tournament was.... long. Brackets were done by 11:15 AM, though, so we definitely did our part par excellence.

Big Jus had his first competition experience as a blue belt, losing his first match by choke, then coming back to win his second by passing the guy's guard with like 30 seconds left. Good experience for sure! It's great when my students can walk away from a tournament with at least one loss as well as one win. Justin brought home a silver for his effort.

Jay Rollins from downtown had his first competition (apart from the team comp last December). Jay doesn't know much, and he's only been consistent downtown for about 3 months now. He notched up 3 wins, though, and definitely learned a lot (even in the middle of the matches! Great job listening). Jay ended up taking 3rd in his gi division.

It was cool being able to focus so much on coaching for a change. Since all we were doing was brackets, I was able to do this. I was especially glad to coach Cynthia in her seven matches. She did great, tapping all but one girl, and "avenged" her only loss of the day with a nice heel hook. The apple does not fall far from the tree, it seems. I'm proud of her.

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