Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Day: Noon class at Richmond BJJ. Burdo showed some good details on - guess what - closed guard basics, and then a back take that Carlson Gracie Jr showed in MD the previous week. This stuff fits really well in my jiu jitsu game. I rolled with Gary Nimmo for the first time in a while (beast 185 blue belt), and Dax twice, Ferguson, Dave Phinney, and Burdo (I think that was it).

Night: No-gi at RBJJ. Closed guard guillotine (standard and arm-in) to warm up, then back take to RNC and armlock (with the variation Vince likes to use to finish). Rolled with a couple guys who were in town with the military who apparently kinda sorta train somewhere, and Ivan, who is tough, and Liz, who is tiny. I wanna say I rolled with a few more people, but it's tough to say.

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