Sunday, May 24, 2009

In-house team tournament

My gym hosted our team's third in-house team tournament. Attendance was crushed this time by Memorial Day weekend, but we had some great matches and the 25 or so competitors had fun and got a little more competition experience (some people's first ever).

Tommy and Fred had a really good match in the blue absolute, with Fred hitting a deep half guard sweep (he's been working on that) to even the score at 2-2. Fred was able to finish with an Ezekiel choke for the win! Tommy and Parker went 1-1, with both guys learning a lesson on strategy. This bodes really well for the worlds.

Lo vs Tyler - Chrissy on the scoring table with spectators in the background.

Devin and Tommy - Devin will represent the team at featherweight (pena - up to 154 with the gi) and Tommy will represent at lightweight (leve - up to 167.5 with the gi). This match was good for both guys.

Dax is a beast who will be good once he learns to relax. He's physically strong and fast, and he learns pretty quickly.

Burdo and I. The atmosphere was very positive, and everyone who competed seemed to have a really good time, getting valuable experience.

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