Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday noon class

Revolution BJJ - my gym. Noon class brought visitors from Winchester - George Wehby, who has reffed numerous times for U.S. Grappling, and his student, Eddie. George is a brown belt who runs MMA Institute of Winchester. I gave Trey a heads up that George would be there, so we did a lot of rolling (me, Trey, George, and Thomas from YJJ RVA). Karl and Scott Saslaw drilled basics while we were rolling, then joined us. Good rolling.

The UFC was a better card than I can remember for a long time. Lyoto Machida beat Rashad Evans with superior everything. Matt Hughes and Matt Serra had a war - I saw it as Hughes being way better at MMA than Serra, but Serra really, really wanting to win and dedicating his life to beating Hughes. He came damn close. Grappling was... meh, as per usual, this time around.

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